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seitan slices

Those slices are the base for many vegan dishes and are a perfect source for whole protein.

NG Slices.jpg
  • Traditional style seitan slices

  • Traditional style seitan flakes with whole rice

  • Traditional style seitan slices with garlic

  • Seitan cubes in Teriyaki sauce

  • Seitan slices in BBQ sauce

seitan Amaranth


 This South American ancient-grain is a treasure! Amaranth contains a variety of amino acids, with a very high protein value (18%), rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3.

NG Seitan Amaranth.jpg
  • The original Seitan Amaranth slice

  • Seitan Amaranth slices with garlic and silan sauce

  • Thai-style Seitan Amaranth cubes

  • Seitan Amaranth thin slices

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