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Veggie Burgers

BBQ line

The BBQ line is unique in its juicy burger's texture. Based on soy and wheat protein, it is an excellent source for quality proteins and dietary fibers. 

NG ALL BBQ_new.jpg
  • Classic New-York-style burger

  • Balkan-style Kebab with parsley

  • California-style burger with


  • Thick Texas-style burger with mushrooms

Veggie Burgers

Pulses Line (Gluten free and Soy free)

A combination of pulses and sprouted ancient grains make these burgers the healthiest available.

  • Veggie burger with quinoa, lentils and chia

  • Veggie burger with Adzuki beans, whole rice and chia

  • Veggie burger with whole rice, lentils and almonds

  • Veggie burger with buckwheat, red beans and chia

OKARA Patties

Made from Okara (Soy natural fibers), vegetables and Chia, these patties are excellent source of protein, fibers and omega-3.

NG Okara.jpg
  • Okara Patties – traditional style with chia

  • Okara Patties – with spinach and chia

  • Okara Patties – with mushrooms and chia

  • Okara Patties – with broccoli and chia

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